Compare two different data table to filter the date column


I have two different excel sheet, Invoice excel and Unique excel. Invoice excel with SAP invoices list and Unique excel with unique date that existing in invoice excel.

Lets say if the unique excel sheet have three different dates, August 3,4 and 5. I have to read the first unique date means August 3 and do the filter in Invoice excel sheet.

Can anyone help me on this?


@shajanjose can u post sample excel files and required output.

Yes I have same snario like yours SAPAutomation2.xlsx (11.0 KB)
I’m going to compare entire excel sheet (Validate) that column value is right or wrong?
what kind of conditions should I use? could you suggest me please?

@Abubakkar if you want to validate values of all columns. Then read the excel using for each datarow you have to check the conditions for all columns. Can you please elaborate your question more?

Thanks for your help @Manjuts90
I need a solution for the following condition:
Action is null and material id is null then result is Invalid
Action is value and material id is null then result is Material id is invalid
Action is null and material id is value then result is action id is invalid
Action is value and material id is value then result is action id is created

Can you suggest me what condition should I use?

@Abubakkar use flow chart inside for each datarow. In decision flow activity check each condition one by one.

@Abubakkar Check Below file for your reference. (12.5 KB)

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Yeah It’s executed perfectly thanks @Manjuts90 then Incase
if I need to validate till last row of excel sheet
Can I use this Condition?
row(2).ToString="" and row(3).ToString=""
row(4).ToString="" and row(5).ToString=""
row(6).ToString="" and row(7).ToString=""
row(8).ToString="" and row(9).ToString=""
row(10).ToString="" and row(11).ToString=""
row(12).ToString="" and row(13).ToString=""

@Abubakkar For each loop executes from first to last row, you no need to give this conditions.

row(0) - Here 0 represents column number(Action Column)
row(1) - Here 1 represents column number(Material ID Column)

If you want to check other column values then you can use those condition with correct column index otherwise no extra conditions is required.

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If column value is “Sathees Kumar” or “12345678910” in excel sheet
but currect value is “Sathees” and “123”
now i’m going to validate this column in excel sheet
I should indicate in excel sheet result column “sathees Kumar” is too length so it is invalid or “123456789” is too length so it is invalid
how can I omit other elements or texts?
Can you help me to solve this solution?

Thanks (12.5 KB)
Can you find where can I mistake it?

@Abubakkar In this workflow we are checking only whether column values is null or not only. Regarding your question from which column your getting those u have to mention that column index with required condition. whether value should be of certain length give that length in condition.

Main (1).xaml (1.8 MB)
I executed this processSAPAutomation2.xlsx (14.9 KB)
Thanks @Manjuts90

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@Abubakkar Is It working fine?

yeah it’s working fine.