How to check if an email body has an attachment?

Hii All,

I need to open the mail and check if that mail body has an attachment attached and if yes, then i will have to save it, else need to close and continue with next email.

I am aware of get mail messages activity, please dont suggest me this…


Check below for your reference

Use Get Outlook mail message, This should require outlook to configure in your computer

Then use For Each loop->System.Net.Mail.MailMessage in Type Argument

After that use IF condition and write as item.Attachments.Count > 0

Then use Save attachments activity to download

Hope this may help you


Hii Srinivas,

Thanks for your reply…

But i was not looking for this.

I need to fetch from IBM notes.

I have condition, need to fetch only Mails dates > perticular date.

I need to open each email above perticular date and check for an attachment, if found need to download, else close the mail and continue with next mail that satisfies date condition.