How to check existence of email attachment

Is there any way to check existence of email attachment ?

I am using “for each” to download email attachments and
I would like to show which email has no attachment.

I just had the same problem and the crude way we found was the “Image Exists” activity, using the attachment image (The little clip) to confirm it had one. Not ideal, but it worked. Depending on your email client, this may or may not work as well.

Thank you for your reply!
I tried, but it did not work. I am using Outlook.

What email client are you using?

Ah, that makes it easier. I’m using Lotus Notes, which is a huge pain since a lot of things don’t work there.

Have you checked this post already? It should work for Outlook.

It worked!!

Thnak you so much. I missed this post.
I appreciate you.

did it work for you ? my problem with mentioned solution is that if there is any image in signature , it will be considered as attachment whilst there is no actual file attached to the email. is there any solution for it ?