How to check if an array is uninitialized or NULL?


I have an array that is supposed to contain extracted text. But sometimes the text can’t be extracted. The array is not initiated prior.

So i would like to check if the array contains nothing.

Thank you

hi @Anonymous2

Put the array list inside a Try Catch.
If the array is successfully read and initialized it won’t throw and error to catch…
Else it will be a catch where you can determine the array wasn’t initialized properly

and do the steps as required.

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Thank you for the reply. I don’t want to use try-catch.

I want to use an IF condition.

If the array is NULL or un - initiated, i want to fill it with NA.

So what’s the If condition, i should use? I know how to check if a string is empty but not for an array.

Thank you


Can you try the following?



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