How to check 'Automation Developer - Named User' ID/Key allocated to user


We currently have a lot of Automation Developer - Named User licenses allocated to users accross my organization/tenant. To keep things organized I would like to know the exact ID or License Key that is assigned to each user. This way I can review the licenses allocation/licenses renewal process each year and discuss that with licenses sponsors (many).

This is currently getting nearly impossible to manage, where licenses doesn’t have any visible keys.

I also tried to use Orchestrator API to fetch these informations, but looks like it doesn’t work at all for this license type:

Please advise how to handle that.
This is real blocker for us to expand and buy more licenses in the future.

Krzysztof Krawiec

How are they connected or consuming the license? Are they connected to orchestrator ? Are they provided with license key before?

I think the recent Automation Developer licenses does not have a unique key for each user.
In our organization, we allocate the license using an AD group. All users that added in a Developer AD group are the only one that can utilize the license by connecting to the orchestrator

there is no exact ID or LIcense key for each license.

if you are using Orchestrator, you have only a single License key for all Robot licenses. you can activate the license by using Host Mode or Tenant Mode.

if you are using HOst mode, you can easily monitor the allocated LIcense of each Tenant but if you are using Tenant Mode. you will have a unique License key for each Tenant.

so which mode are you using now? on-prem or cloud?


We are using Cloud version and as far as I understand it - host mode.
This means that one user can utilize his license on multiple organization tenants.

The root cause of the problem is a tranparency over all licenses in the organization. As an example:
Sponsor A sponsored 10 licenses for departament X.
Sponsor B sponosred 15 licenses for departament Y.
Sponsor C sponsored 10 licenses for departaments W and Z.

The bigger ammount of license is, it’s getting more complicated to manage it and have any kind of overview which licenses are allocated to wich employees.

During the whole year, it’s very likely that some people will leave a company and we have to reassign their licenses. Currently all licenses are sitting one big pool that we cannot logically divide into smaller chunks.

In practice - after half a year we have 5 unallocated licenses and have absolutely no clue what departament can use them (according to sponsor), because licenses doesn’t have any key and we cannot determine who actually sponsored/bought specific license.

Isn’t it a issue for all larger organizations?


If you need to segregate the license per sponsor, I suggest creating different tenants for each.

for now, you can do a review of the existing users. With the help of the sponsor, identify which of them is for which sponsor and they can also check if it is still required.


Thanks for you comment…
We cannot really create separate tenants, because we are using a lot virtual machines and robot licenses which are allocated per tenant. It would triple costs for robots just to segregate users accordingly to what we purchased

Workaround you mentioned, where we sit with sponsors and go through all users in orchestrator frequently is something we do for now, but I cannot imagine doing that for more than 100 users.

These informations should be available in Orchestrator, not kept in the notes in the excel file. Thanks for understanding.


Try with @mark.eseo approach. Create ad group. Users inside are the autonation developer. Based on their identity you can define who is sponsor (or maybe you will need some fake additional property that it will define who is sponsoring this person).

License is getting allocated automatically and you cant choose one particular one and give it to person. In that case think how to manage people not license.