How to check 3 columns and get the value of 1st column from Excel


My excel file have this table…

I want office number means (1 or 5) out when any User id is from column name (User ID 1, User ID 2, User ID 3)

like if the User id (envoirement.username) is any of (BT4, KS8, RH2) then i want to get 2 out…
Same if user ID (ASG6 or KLF4) then i want DP out

How can i do that?

I want to add this office number into a Excel file name when i generate Excel file for the first time user start the Robot… and only for the first time…
And when 2nd time user start robot then it would use the same file which created first time if user is matched from office 2…

how can i do excel part. can someone help

And is it a good solutions and good approach or not…

Hi @Latif,

A really scalable solution for this is:

  1. Read Range
  2. Filter DataTable like in the image
  3. Retrive First Row and First Column of the Resulting DataTable

is it another way to solve this without using Filter wizard … its a long code so need an easy solution.

This is the easiest solution to implement that i can think of, sorry