How to change username

how can i change my username as is not enable, if someone could help me change pls let me know, thank you!

Hi @superpunchypp ,
You can change your name only, can’t change your username
From ‘profile’
you go to ‘preferences’
in tab ‘account’ find ‘name’ , you can change name and can’t change username

how to change username , i know name can change but how to change username, if not possible how to delete my account with all the topics created by me

Only admins can change usernames. @Forum_Staff @loginerror can help you with that. The reason why changing usernames is not enabled is because if you do it previous referrals break. So if you were previously tagged the username doesn’t change.

I messged him, how long does it take

You can request in here

I think <24h or <48h


If you want to delete your account you can delete it from accounts page under associated accounts

For messages either you can go to each message and delete each or can request …if its valid they would be deleted