How to change UiPath studio X to Studio

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Can you please let me know who to change UiPath studio to Studio X, i have installed many time but still takes Studio X version. any please advise me on this issue.


Hi @Vishnu_Reddy1

Step1: On the start page of the UiPath Studio you will find an option for settings.

Step2: Click on License and Profile

Step3: Click on View or Change Profile




Try like this:



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I tried the above steps but I don’t have change profile option, the only option available in licence and profiles is change local licence and it unclickable. is there other ways to switch between studioX and studio.

Are you using a Citizen Developer license? If yes, then you will have only Studio X access.

More details here:

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Hi !

I opened the link you posted but I felt overwhelmed right after.
I have the very same described by @Moataz_Y.Abozied .

It seems I need to know which license I’ve chosen.
How can I know it ?
My need is quite simple : I just want to use it for personal use and for free.

Do you know which steps I have to follow in order to use UiPath Studio (and not StudioX) ?

Thank you very much !

If you have a Community license, it is a free plan that gives you instant access to elementary automation capabilities through licenses for users and UiPath services.
It is aimed at non-commercial use only. For commercial purposes, the Free plan is available.

This plan includes a set number of licenses, of which you cannot request any more. If you need additional licenses, you must upgrade to the Pro plan.

If you will check About licensing, you will see that you will get 2 Automation Developer - Named User licenses.

With Automation Developer - Named User you will have these software capabilities:

Action Center
Attended Robot
Computer Vision
Data Service
Integration Service
Task Capture
Test Manager User

So in conclusion, make sure that in your Organization in Cloud, you are adding your user in the Automation Developer - Named User license group or you are providing this license directly in the attended robot settings.

Then, after login again in UiPath Assistant and logging to Orchestrator, you will be able to use UiPath Studio.

Let us know if this helped.

Thank you for the answer. It’s very clear !
But I can’t see anymore my “organisation” on my “Home” screen.

Maybe I’m doing it the wrong way. Im sure I’ve seen my organisation somewhere on a dashboard-like environment but I can’t find it again.

edit : I found it. It’s in preferences.

Do you have any idea ?
Then, I’ll be able to check license and user (me).

Thank you !

It seems that you didn’t log in with the Administrator user account credentials to your organization.

Create a new one in case you cannot find the old URL.

I managed to find it on my “preferences” menu.

So here is my admin board. But even when I click on licence I just have one choice.

I can’t figure how to change the free plan since I want the Community one.
Should I delete the organisation ?

Try to create a new Community account with another email address. If it is not allowed, you can use only Automation Express (StudioX with Studio Web and only personal workspace folders).

I’m sorry but it seems I managed to create a new one with the same email adress (I received an email saying “Welcome to UiPath Community!”).

It’s fine. I found out how to create a new one visiting this page : Édition communautaire d'UiPath

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I experienced the same issue. Change settings instead of creating a new account.

Go to Design Style and disable Use Modern for new projects, as attached in the image.

Click on settings then click on change profile after window is pop-up with options to change Studio Or StudioX