How to change Uipath Studio logging level to "Verbose"?


UiPath Studio has the following logging levels described here: Logging Levels

And I want to change the logging level to “Verbose”.

According to this website: Studio Logs, I tried to add IsVerboseEnabled=“true” in the \UiStudio.exe.config file. But the logging level remained unchanged.

I was able to change the logging level in the robot. But I don’t want to use the robot. I want really only to change the logging level using UIPath Studio.

Does anyone know how to do this?

If I run the xaml file in UIPath Studio using the Debug mode, by hitting F7, then the logging level used is Verbose. And I want to use this in the normal run mode (when hitting F5).

Thanks in advance for any kind of feedback.

Why can’t you just use the debugging mode? That’s exactly what it’s for. If you uncheck Highlight Elements and Highlight Activities from the Execute–>Options menu, then it is exactly the same as having a robot run at the verbose level as far as I can tell

I really want to run it in normal mode, which is the “normal” way.

Isn’t there any way to do it?

Hi Jcab,

The document here: Studio Logs
explains about studio logs is about the studio logs not execution logs

The execution logs are generated by UiPath Robot and Studio has no control over it and hence you will not be able to change the logging level (execution logs)using Studio.

Can you explain why you want to change it using the studio and not the robot tray?It will be interesting to know the use cases for such scenarios:smile: