How to change the data in a Excel File

Dear all

I have an excel file, the excel form as follows

In Row D, from D2 is 16 December 2019 , how could I change the content to 20191216?
in Row E, i want to change the data ISIN: to ISIN delete the :
in Row F , i want to change the data BACE/ to BACE , delete the /
how could I achieve these function ? anybody give me demo code ?

thanks a lot in advance.

Hi @Chris-Yiwei,

Read the sheet with D2.
Make a for each loop, Do the String Replace Operations, DateTime Conversion and Write it into the other file.

For DateTimeConversion: DateTime1 = DateTime.ParseExact(row(0).toString,"dd MMMM yyyy",Nothing)

could you give me the demo code ? i am a freshman thanks a lot

Please refer this file _Test.xaml (10.2 KB)

dear kuppu_samy

another question , if in Row G , start G2 ,the data is CNG , how could I change to CNH ?

I couldn’t understand the question, Can you make a file like that? I will tell you the possibilities!

Based on the _Test.xaml file. In For Each Row activity, you can give

Name = row(3).toString.Replace("Your Text","New Text").

Also edit the Build Data Table Activity, add the column name called Name and Add the Name Variable in Add Data Row Activity.

Hi @Chris-Yiwei,

May I have the excel file please?

Thanks & Regards,

could you give me some demo code , thanks a lot !

It’s just based on index values, Please do some Write Line activities, learn it and have a try.

just show the figure

could you show me some demo code ? thanks lot in advance