How to change the date format in an excel file

dear all,

I read the date time in an file’s name, like 20200408, then write this date to an excel file’s cell,
how could I change the date format 20200408 into 2020-04-08 in this excel cell?

anybody could help me ? thanks a lot in advance.

You can convert data before writing to excel

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You can always use the Insert method since your file name is a string value.

For instance, if your file name was 20200408.xlsx you can use the Assign activity twice to change the value of a variable.

First create a string variable (fileName) with the name of your file. Then, add two Assign activities.

fileName = fileName.Insert(4,“-”)
fileName = fileName.Insert(7,“-”)

Hope this helps! :+1:

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not the name, just the cell in excel

if the 20200408 is a variable, how could i use this function? like this?

Use variable without double quotes

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