How to change the color of the font of the row if one of the cells in Excel

How do I change the font colors of an Excel:

How can I change the font colors of the rows that have “QTY” column value between 500 and 600(>500 and <600).
I have been able to do this using a ‘Format Cells’ activity enclosed in ‘For Each Row’ activity which in turn is enclosed in a “Use Excel File” activity

The problem I face is that the Excel is being opened when this activity is being executed. I prefer a way to do the formatting in the background, with the Excel not being opened.
Can someone be kind enough to let me know of a method to format excels in the background without it being opened.
Thank you.

Hi @RobinsonFrancis ,

Could you let us know if you are using the Excel Process Scope ? If not you would require to use an Excel Process Scope and Perform all the Modern Excel related Activities inside that Scope. Additionally, you would require to configure the properties of the Excel Process Scope as needed.

In the Image above, Changing the Show Excel Window Property to False should work for your case.

Let us know if it doesn’t work


there is a library named Balareva that has this simplified activity

Unfortunately I couldn’t install it. After searching for the packages via Manage Packages option, the message that was displayed was “No compatible version with Windows projects”.

Thank you. I enclosed the Excel activity card within the Excel Process Scope and selected the “Show Excel window” as False, the other options were left unchanged, it worked.

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