How to change text color in cell and change related cell value also in excel

If a row value is “Reject” change that text color to red and related column “Remarks” also needs to be changed.
I have gone through previous topic not much of help, please help

Have you tried set range colour?

That should work perfectly fine. Just Loop through the data in Excel, based on the required condition you can colour the desired cell. below video shows the working.

UiPath- Color Cells on the basis of condition

The corresponding remarks column can be updated simply by assigning the text that needs to be added using an assign activity

Please mention your specific issue if thave tried above-mentioned method already.

Yes, i tried, it’s changing cell background color but i need text color to change

Okay, below thread has a workflow to do so. If you are not allowed to use the marketplace packages then you will have to go with ba vb script. Below link will show step to create a vha that can be run using Invoke VBA activity

Change Excel cell font color

VBA for Change font color

thank you i tried first one, but couldn’t change.
second one cannot open link.

Means you used Bala’s marketplace activity already?
And still it didn’t work?

Oh, accessible to me though

Editing for correcting the wrong link
Below link is the similar one


Hope the below steps would help you resolve this

This involves two part where first one is to find the row in column REMARKS has that value as Reject and then second part is to color that row and column

  1. First use a excel application scope and pass the file path as input and use read range activity and get the output as dt

  2. Then use a for each row activity and pass dt as input

  3. Inside the loop use a IF condition like this


  1. If it’s true it goes to THEN block where use this custom component

Where if it asks for cell position we can find that with row index
Like this
For example to find A4 cell position from row index

Convert.ToChar(65+dt.Columns.IndexOf(“column name”)).ToString + (dt.Rows.IndexOf(CurrentRow)+2).ToString

This will give the exact cell position

Cheers @Sudhir_P

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