How to change greyed out selector in Studio?


I did web record some web activities in Studio. The sequence of steps generated are

  1. Use Browser Chrome
  2. Browser URL
  3. Click…and further steps…

The issue is the browser title in the locator which is coming with a number (6). I changed it to in the “Use Browser Chrome” activity and it is then able to find but I am not able to do the same in the “Click” activity as this line is greyed out there. How is it possible to change the locator that is greyed out? Thanks in advance for any help.


Can you share a sample screenshot for better understanding?


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Not able to change the upper greyed out selector line, need to change the title to wildcard. Thanks.

Hi! @Technologist ,

Open it in UI Explorer and repair the selector then send the screenshot.


Repaired it in UI explorer but again the locator is coming with number, I wanted to change it to wildcard.

Hi @Technologist,

Can you please share selector screenshot of the open browser activity.


Hey! in title remove the #105- and replace it with *


Hi Thiru,

That’s the problem, I can’t change because the line is greyed out.

Instead of title choose some other.

for that open it in UI Explorer and then send me the snap.


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Hi Kalees, Both images of the “Use Browser Chrome” activity that I recorded, In 1st the default title and in 2nd, title is wildcard after manually changing. Here the title line was not greyed out.

Hi @Technologist ,

The reason of that issue, your using the click activity inside the open browser activity which act as partial selector.
There are 2 ways to overcome this, either use the click activity outside the open browser which act as full selector which you will be able to change or else open the UiExplorer of open browser and enter * in the title field.


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