How to Change Excel Scientific format to String

Some Excel Data Formats are like that “8.32489E+23” . How to read and change into String when I want to get full text?
Soe Min Latt.

Hey @Soe_Min_Latt,

When you will read the data from excel you will automatically get the full text.You do not need to do anything specific for that.

Use Excel Application Scope and Read Range Activity to achieve this.Read Range activity will return datatable as output argument which will have the data format as string by default.

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Hello @amarasto , Thanks for your answers.
But I don’t get fullText.

Data in Excel like that “8.32489E+23”
I want to data like that “832488970307990975269250”

Soe Min Latt

Hey @Soe_Min_Latt,

Ideally when you read the excel using excel application scope and read range activity it always gives you the complete data.However you will always see the scientific value in the excel cell because that is the excel formatting.

If Still you are not getting the expected value then i would suggest you to format the excel column as text in that case excel can not take decision on its own and will leave the data as is.

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Hi @Soe_Min_Latt,
I am also facing the same problem, if you have a solution, please share.

Is there any solution for this

Same problem in 2022. The Excel cell is numeric, shows the number in complete format, but UiPath, when showing in a messge box, for example, shows scientific format. Tried parsing as double, int, etc., buy no way.

Still investigating

Hello , Had the same issue on a big process , My solution was to add a single quote to the front of the large Digit, this turns the Column into string, You can select the entire column and use format formula to achieve this or have the bot do it. In my case, I had to read and write, and the excel was Created by the BOT itself, so always make sure append “'”+123456… when reading and when match, take the quote into consideration.


errorDTSource.AsEnumerable().Any(Function(x) x("ICN").ToString.Trim = row.Item("ICN").ToString.Replace("'","").Trim)
{letterSentDate, "'"+icnNumber, patientName}

Set Read formatting as “RawValue”

You can use the ‘Invoke Code’ activity and configure it as follow:
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For Each row As DataRow In DataTable.AsEnumerable()
Next row

Edit Arguments:
Direction: in
Type: DataTable