How to Change Color of Specific Cells Dynamically


I am using a For Each Excel Row activity, and I want to change the color of single cells if they meet certain conditions. This example worksheet has several different columns. I only want to change the color of individual cells instead of the whole row. In the example I provided, I only want to change the color of the cell if the value of the “Weight” column is greater than 500.

I do not want the whole row to change colors. I also do not want the whole column to change colors either. Just the specific cell. The worksheet could contain thousands of values so I do not want to indicate the cells manually in the workbook. I am not sure what to put in the Range field.

Note: I am using the modern Excel activity package and C# (NOT VB). Please do not provide answers using the classic Excel activity package or VB.

Hey @Ken_Ward,

You can do it like


Hi @Ken_Ward ,
Please use this for dynamic cell address in the Source property for range -

Basically the [<workbook>.<worksheet>.Range(<cell>.Address] is what you are looking for


Hello @Ken_Ward

Please check the below video.