How to change browser default download location using code


I have a scenario where i had to change the download location settings in Browser(preferably chrome) without opening the browser. I tried to find the code( or Powershell) but nothing is helpful. Can anyone help me with this…Also i had to know the version of the chrome/browser that is installed.


are you downloading file from browser?

You could use this activity:

yes, hence the default download location should be changed to dynamic value before starting the Bot

Thanks Oscar but there are more setting changes i need to make according to User’s request

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Hi @Bandi_Vinay_Kumar

Have a look on the uipath marketplace


Hi Gokul,

Thanks for the response but I am looking for or powershell , we are not allowed to use custom packages…

Hi @Bandi_Vinay_Kumar,

Is this any help?

this would help, but when i try to use it in uipath, i am getting errors.

Send to me the batch file… i will check and try

I sed the same code as you shared in the link…this is the error it is showing