How to capture loading elements in browser, (Indicate On Screen)

Hi, the browser application I’m using regularly uses HTML elements to show that the site is loading. E.g. a DIV with “Loading… please wait”

It is difficult to catch these loading elements sometimes using the Indicate On Screen tool.

Sometimes when I want to capture it, it disappears at the last second. What is an effective way to consistently capture these?

@DEATHFISH Can you tell us why actually do you want to Capture that Element. If it’s a loading problem, you can use WaitForReady as COMPLETE to handle such situations.

Hi, this is because there are no typical indications that the page is loading, such as browser loading status messages. The only way to detect that the page is loading is to read the page contents for the Loading elements, and this is indistinguishable from the other elements on screen. (Everything is contained within the webpage inner html/javascript itself)

Any suggestions on how to capture these loading elements?

Also I need the selectors for the loading element to be stable, so I need to be able to validate and repair it via UiExplorer

Following Two techniques can be checked

  • Inspection of the structure in Browsers development Tools( often invoked with F12) and settings Up manually the selector

  • Check If a Javascript is executed in the begin. Also in Browser development Tools a Breakpoint can be Set to a place within the Javascript. With a debuged reload the Page loading can be paused and the selectors can be indicated