How to call multiple methods developed in python using Uipath

Hello folks,

I have two methods in my python code named as sample, check. Now, I am able to call single method from Uipath by giving the name of the method in the instance field. Could any one suggest how do i call multiple methods from Uipath

Hi ushu,

Inside a Python Scope, use Load Python Script activity and assign the output to an UiPath PythonObject variable. Then, for each method, use a Invoke Python Method with previous PythonObject variable as Instance, the name of your method (string) as Name.

If your issue is elsewhere, please give more details.

Thanks for your prompt response. So, do you mean we need to use multiple invoke methods to execute multiple methods. Don’t we have any other option to call multiple methods in a single invoke python method

Hi Ushu,

You’re right: you need multiple invoke methods.

You can create a python function or add a method to your object that will execute the suite, you can create a UiPath sequence that will process the sequence too then use it in your projects.

Thanks for your prompt response. Will try on it