How to call a HSQLDB stored procedure in Execute query activity?

Not able to call HSQDB stored procedure in Execute query/Execute not query.

While Executing below error comes

Can I have view one parameter collections if any passed


no parameter passed and used the Execute query activity

Is yet connection validated buddy
Like did we check whether the connection ion is been made with the server

You can check the connection with Connection Wizard and there with Test Connectivity option

Cheers @Tamilarasanaccet

yes checked the connection, it’s working as expected.

tryied with select * from table query it also worked

Is the procedure mentioned correctly buddy
Because we have checked all the other stuffs
Storedprocudure enabled
Tested connectivity


call test_procedure(); this executes in backend as expected.

The same procedure name “test_procedure” have given in UiPath activity.

Is UIPATH execute/execute non query activity only depends specific database(i.e SQL SERVER, MYSQL, ORACLE) only? Why because here i am using HSQLDB

Hmm not really
We got options to choose the database type na and moreover ours got successfully connected
If there is any such issue then it would have not connected

Try mentioning dbname and schema name before the procedure and run

I remember I saw a similar issue two three days back

Cheers @Tamilarasanaccet

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after giving the db name above error returns.

I have one last approach to try
Usually we use to have a statement in server to call a procedure right
Use the same text here and change the command type to TEXT instead of Stored Procedure

Same issue bro.

Is other statements like select update are working fine @Tamilarasanaccet

yes bro other statement are working.

So the connection is working fine
Hmm but then how procedure alone not working
Can you click on the Details drop down in the error pop up and let’s see what is the error

can you please check the error details bro.

What is the outcome of this procedure and are we running in execute query or execute non query activity


select all the data from the table (select * from table_name).

Execute query activity is used.

may I know how you connect HSQLDB to uipath?