How to avoid using Hardcoded input properties?

When running Analyse File app there is a number of warnings regarding Hardcoded input properties. “Use default values, variables, and arguments.”

Password or Username requires a variable input with a value located in Orchestrator. How do I put a default value in and still have the project run successfully?

I want to reuse specific workflows and I believe this helps.


The warnings in the workflow analyzer doesn’t necessarily mean your code won’t run. It just means that it’s not best practice.

My Team uses a Config File to store all of our statically code variables. This way we can easily update them and see them all at once. The Config is imported via the Re-Framework automatically and thus makes our code more dynamic.

As far as reusing workflows I would recommend using libraries. These libraries are store on Orchestrator (or locally). You can use arguments to help control statically code variables.

If you absolutely must use hard coded variables I suggest having either a init sequence where you set them all or set them as default values for variables and arguments.

Thanks for the reply,

Attached is my init file. Can you point out where there is hardcoded values.

Logon_System1.xaml (13.0 KB)

Warning ST-USG-005 Hardcoded input properties detected in activity Type Into Email Textarea. System1/Logon_System1.xaml,

I use the config file for the website address, credential, file paths, etc, and then point to it within the activity,