Make current value of all variables available until Studio session is closed

Suppose I have two workflows. The output of Workflow1 is the input of Workflow2

Workflow1 takes around 10 minutes to run, to generate the output. Now the problem is, while I’m developing the program, every time I want to run workflow2, I have to run Workflow1 as well to get the input for Workflow2.

Instead, it’d be much easier if the current value of all the variables are always available. Then I have to run Workflow1 only once and after the value is generated, I can simply run Workflow2 independently.

Something like this


This will also be very helpful in testing small pieces of codes/sequences on any variable easily

Hi @farhan94,

Can you attach a sample xmal here ?


Hi @farhan94

I don’t quite get the idea can you please elaborate more,

you want to have current values for variables so you can test Workflow2,

In this case you will always have the same current values as inputs for Worflow2, meaning that you just need to run workflow1 once and take the values,

my question is since these output values(that you wanna test Worflow2 using them) are fixed why don’t you take the output values of Worflow1 and go inside the Workflow2 and give them as Default values for your in_arguments and then you can test Workflow2 ?

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@balupad14 @reda

Below is a screenshot from R studio. After I run a program once, all the variables generated are shown like below with their current values.

Now if I need to manipulate or try a new line of code on ‘aaaa’ or ‘corpus’ or any other variable, I can directly do them in a test sequence because their values are already available and I don’t have to run the program again to generat them.

Assigning default values will work. But this idea doesnt have to be for one output from a workflow and one input to another workflow. It could even be in the same sequence with several variables. This will also make dev/testing a lot easier. Agree?

Hi @farhan94

I am not sure if you require the same But,
You can store output of workflow 1 to an excel or a config (once it has been generated) which can be input to your workflow 2 . You don’t have to re run workflow 1 for variables with current values, your workflow 2 can directly refer confir/excel for the same.