How to avoid errors, when Google did not find any results

I’m trying to search via Google Engine on a specific website. But sometimes Google didn’t show any results.

After that, the error message appears

and the robot stops.

Please help to switch the robot to the next data search.

Hi @Sergey_Petrenko

You can use on element appear activity. Use this activity to check for an element that appear when the results are loaded. This activity will execute a series of tasks if the element is found. So you can have your depending activities within it.

Or else you can use the element exists activity as well. It will return a true or false depending on the element is available or not…


You can use the element exist activity to check if there is any search result available.Element exist will return you a boolean value if the element exist then on the basis of the return value you can design your flow accordingly.

@Lahiru.Fernando, @amarasto

Thank you for your help, guys! Everything works great!))