How to automate Java application using Uipath


Hi team ,

New to Uipath im using uipath community edition ,want to develop automation for java application need to start , could some one help me with the basic start any suggested sites, tutorials on how to start with uipath , thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hi @sainath1

First, you want to make sure that you have installed the Java Bridge plugins for UiPath. See this link for more info:

It is also an option during the first installation of the software, so there is a big chance you already have it installed.
Fingers crossed that your java application version is supported by the plugin :slight_smile:

As to the automation itself, you will need to follow some basic tutorials. I would suggest you to go through the basic Foundation Training available for free via UiPath Academy over here:

You will want to start from here:

My advice would be to not rush it, take it easy and read a lot of this forum for advice. Most of the common struggles are already well explained (normally with more than one way of solving an issue).


is it a javaFX desktop application?


@dineshary it is Java desktop application not javaFX


TY @loginerror i have added the extension through add extension option , i checked with with selectors and its working fine , all i need is to start now , does this have any coding practice to automate ?

#6 all video tutorials link here