How to automate 7 invoices that are on 1 pdf file?

Hello, I have an issue where I need to automate invoices but 5-7 of them are provided within 1 pdf file. I have my bot to work with separate pdf files to run as a loop, but I need it to read one whole pdf file and find the first page of each invoice within that same pdf file. I want to keep the invoices within the one pdf file but have the bot read and input each invoice separately. I am using C# if that makes a difference in the advice. Thanks in advance!

Hi @RPALearner_17
You may use this activity in combination with some other steps to detect the pages and split invoices out.

If these are electronic PDFs that you are interacting with directly, this activity might help.

However, if you are working with scanned documents, you can leverage Document Understanding and classify documents regardless of how many pages/invoices are scanned into one PDF.

I do not want to split the pdf file though; is there a way the bot can recognize each invoice within the pdf file and input each invoice into quickbooks without splitting the pdf?

You can certainly use IntelligentOCR activities pack to get this result. You don’t need to explicitly split PDFs for this, when an input file is processed, each page is analysed, classified and then extracted based on the classification type.

To get a better idea about IntelligentOCR package, please refer to this video by one of our UiPath MVPs @AndersJensen

I hope this helps.