PDF Extraction -Multiple Invoices in single file

I have a pdf which has multiple invoices in single pdf. I have to split the pdf into separate pdf depending on the invoice counts say, if i have a pdf of 20 pages and the invoices are only 18 which means 2 invoices have 2 pages each. The only way to find that is that it has keyword like 1 of 2 or 2 0f 2 page like that in all pages for all invoices depending on the each invoices pages. There is no other header or anything to differentiate that. Is there any way to split the PDFs depending on the invoices. The order number and all other details are present in all the pages irrespective of how many pages the invoice is.

Hello @Amruta_George2 , please use Intelligent Keyword classifier to classify the documents and the split

Document Understanding - Intelligent Keyword Classifier (uipath.com)