How to split pdf pages and extract?

Hi Everyone,

I have a scanned pdf file with multiple pages and they are in same format with different details i want to extract them page by can i do that?
can anyone help me.

thanks in advance


You can use below activity to split pdf document.


See the below link,


Hello, I can suggest you a generalized solution.

1.) Initialize a variable counter=1 (default value)

2.) Use “Get Pdf Page Count” and in properties section you will see PageCount: declare a variable of type integer in that column of say name “totalPages”, now with the help of this variable you can easily know the number of pages in any given pdf file.

3.)Now use a while scope and set condition as (counter <= totalPages).

3.1)Within the scope of while use “ExtractPdfPageRange” activity and in the properties
section of this activity set (Input → Range = counter.ToString).
3.2)You can set any name to output file as you wish .
3.2)After doing this increment the counter to counter+1 (using assign)activity.

This sequence will extract each and every file of your pdf and will store them the Uipath folder of your system . Hope my answer will be helpful to you if any further help is required feel free to ask.


Thanks. This is very helpful for my studies.

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