How to assign element at specific index of an 2D array?

I build a 2D array (15 rows and 2 cols), but it pops up an error whenever I assign the 2nd element at specific index array(1)(0) = "name 1"
I really appreciate it if anyone could help me figure this issue at my main.xaml below

Thank you in advance

Main.xaml (9.3 KB)

Isnt your array a 15 row and 1 column array only?
If so then assiging to index 0 and index 1 might have overwritten and corrupted the memory behind.

Yeah, thank you Jakub Modrzewski, it’s a 2D array (15 rows and 2 cols). Would you mind sharing me a sample for how should I fix it

It seems that adding green marked rows fixed it, however I am not sure if it’s really the way it should be done. Anyway as a workaround it works! :slight_smile:


Have a look here:

Awesome, It worked! Thank you very much Jakub Modrzewski

It is a great idea! Thank you so much ppr

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