2d array initialization



i want to use 2d array in uipath. after i declare my 2d array in variable section, i am trying to initialize like this but i am getting error



Hello @venkat4u,

You can use the following sintax to initialize a 2d array: {({“1”,“2”}),({“3”,“4”})}.
Here is an example :slight_smile:
2dArray.xaml (4.6 KB)

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Thanks for your response.
I will check


Hello @Susana,

thank you so much for your response it is working.
i also want to know if i want to define the size of array in variables panel, how can i ?

i used new string(0)(){} - no validation error.
after that if i try to assign its throwing error

using assing like below
array(0)(0) = “1”

the error is Object null Reference