How to apply text to column in excel?

Hi there!

I have an excel sheet with one chunk of data in one column that requires “text to column” to seperate the data with a delimiter ‘/’.
For e.g.

“MIYUNHE / 1611N” in column A.
I want to seperate into “MIYUNHE” in column A, and “1611N” in column B.
is there anyway to do this in UiPath?
Thank you!

Hi @yjkim

Please follow the below steps:-1:
use the read range activity to read the entire range first. This would give you a datatable.
add one more data column .
Now use a for each to loop through the data table.
use the split function to split each value based on the delimiter “/”. this would give an array of string.
Now assign the value one by one.

Attached is a sample xaml.

split columns in excel.xaml (10.4 KB)

Thanks! It works!