Extract string data with delimiter

Hi all

i have a excel with 2 columns, i took the 1st column from the datatable.
Now i want to take all those rows only from column 1 which full fills following condition:
The format of data in each row should be of type
Tdfhsjfhsjs1_abc_40uu0 -
i.e get the 1st 11(dfgdjgd) characters before the delimiter _
And then the 2nd set of string after underscore - here its ONE

after getting these 2 strings i have to put it to the Column C and column D respectively from all the rows from the Data table.

so far i have done till here


Please help me out

Thank you

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Kindly follow the below steps buddy
You were almost done
–First lets store the value of each cell from column 1 in each row to a variable like this
with a assign activity
out_firstpart = Split(row(“Columnname”).ToString,"_")(0).ToString
and another assign activity like this
out_secondpart = Split(row(“Columnname”).ToString,"_")(1).ToString

now assign this to column c and column d we want using a assign activity @Seem
row(“ColumnNameof C”) = out_firstpart
another assign activity like this
row(“ColumnNameof D”) = out_secondpart

Thats all buddy you are done
Kindly try this and let know for any queries
Cheers @Seem

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No i am not able to add it to the column C.
Its not writing
row(“ColumnNameof C”) = out_firstpart

Also i want to add the header to the column C-xyz(example)
So how shall i do?
I had added the write range…
But nothing is working

Can i have a view on the xaml a screenshot if possible
Cheers @Seem


Everytime i am creating fresh excel file
Here is the error:

what is the value in the left side of assign activity buddy @Seem

There are no columns we have to create the column headers


Did u get any solution?

Hi @Seem

I guess you need to create column3

just add add column activity to create a column before assign activity(row(“column3”) = …)

Let me know for any queries…

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