How to apply filter for columns(date column) in excel & filter latest 2 months data


should filter latest 2 months data by comparing with existed months data in that filter.As seen in screenshot we have years 2018 & 2019.In 2018 it contains oct to dec.In 2019 it contains jan to march.So we should filter by selecting feb & march.

Can anyone guide how we can achieve this?

you can use filter datatable activity for this with column name in the left side and the value you want to search in the right side like this @SUPRIYA123
kindly try this and let know

1.first use excel application scope to read the excel and pass the file path as input to this activity
2.then use read range activity to read the excel and get the excel output as datatable with a variable named outdt
3.then pass the outdt variable to filterdatatable activity and apply the filter so that you can get the output variable of type datatable with the filtered data


tried with filter datatable activity.but didnt work.How can we pass filter condition for latest 2 months?

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mention like this in filter option @SUPRIYA123

not working like this.we have column as date and in filter we have as shown in image.and values in date column is like 12-2-2019

Did u get a solution for this?

same problem

please help

dt.Select("[YOUR COLUMN NAME] >= #"+Startdate.ToString+"# AND [ YOUR COLUMN NAME] <= #" +Enddate.ToString+"#").CopyToDataTable()

dt.Select("[YOUR COLUMN NAME] >= #"+Startdate.ToString+"# AND [ YOUR COLUMN NAME] <= #" +Enddate.ToString+"#").CopyToDataTable().

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Is there a default formula to filter by current date.


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Yah of course

Did we refer to this thread

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