How to apply filer in excel multiple values in one column using Filter activity with modern design experience?

I want to apply filter on multiple values in one column using Filter activity in modern design experience pls suggest how we can do that?

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To apply a filter on multiple values in one column using the Filter activity in UiPath, you can follow the below steps:

Drag and drop the Filter Data Table activity into your workflow.

In the Properties panel, provide the input DataTable that you want to filter.

Under the Filter Wizard section, click on the ellipsis button next to the Condition field.

In the Filter Wizard window, select the column you want to filter by clicking on the dropdown under the Column heading.

Under the Operator heading, select “In” from the dropdown list.

In the Values field, enter the multiple values you want to filter for separated by commas. For example, if you want to filter for the values “Apple”, “Banana”, and “Orange” in the “Fruit” column, you would enter “Apple, Banana, Orange”.

Click the Add button to add the filter condition to the Filter Wizard.

If you need to add more conditions, click the Add button again and repeat the process.

Click the OK button to save the filter conditions and close the Filter Wizard.

In the Filter Data Table activity’s Properties panel, set the Output DataTable variable where you want to store the filtered data.

Finally, run the workflow to filter the data table based on the multiple values in the specified column.


HI @megha_nirale

You click on add and add the multiple values


I do not want to use filter Datatable activity

yes using above acitity but multiple values ,my issue is whenever i am doing it in loop it is removing previous filter and I have 2 or more values to apply filter currentrow(i) is applying filter for one value and again it is removing previous filter

You should pass all the values in the same time if you pass one by one while looping previous one will get removed @megha_nirale

how can I pass all the elements of array to filter activity in same time