How to apply 'Click Activity' if toggle menu is disappeared?

I’d like to apply click activity to the target menu which is appeared once mouse over on the top category. However, it’s disappeared when I try to apply click apply.
Is there anyway that I can apply click activity to target menu?

[Target-Yellow Remarked]

[Menu is disappeared when I move mouse pointer to another]

thank you!

Hi @Dorothy_lee

first navigate the page as you marked as yellow & then copy the url of the page
use navigate to activity, paste the url/link
bot directly moved to the page you want to visit


@Robinnavinraj_S , Thank you for your reply!
By the way, the target is ‘logout’. so, it’s unable to navigate the page.
Is there any alternative way? for example, pause the page while editing selector?

Hi @Dorothy_lee ,

As I have understood the issue, you are not able to Apply the Click on the Logout Button which is Supposedly only appearing when you hover over the main button.

Try Performing the following Steps : ​

  1. Use Indicate on Screen using Click Activity.
  2. Click F2, so that you get a 3 Second Delay. During this Time, Keep the Logout Button Pressed until the Timer finishes.
  3. Release the Button after the Timer Finishes. The Logout Button should be Selected by the Click Activity.

You might also need to add a Click/Hover at the Main Button at the beginning so that the List appears where you can then Click on the Logout button.

Let us know if it doesn’t work or if this is not the approach you required.

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Thank you so much! it works.!

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