How to Append Row in the Middle of Existing Table in Excel

Hi, have an Excel file which in the end of file having some rows with some formulas and complex layout (it is required to be that way since it’s the format required when printing the Excel, it has some background-color cells etc).

Now, suppose I have Row 1-100 of data, and Row 101-104 for the cells containing formulas and some text. I want to insert new set of data (supposed only 10 rows new data) in Row 101-110, hence automatically “shift down” the below data and make the former cells containing formulas to be in Row 111-114.

Any idea to achieve this?

Hi @whyyouandi,

Here is an example
excel1.xaml (12.2 KB)

Hello @ovi, sorry I missed your reply that time.
I opened your suggestion, and I think I didn’t ask a good question.
What I wanted was to insert in the middle or existing rows (like row 11-15 below).


It is past by now, but would like to know a way to do this if any.