How to add value mapping in Studiox

I am trying to follow a video posted in the help section but i am stuck at the part that i click on a gear icon and add a value mapping as i don’t have the gear on the activity screen

what is wrong here?


Which version of StudioX do you use? The version of StudioX in the above video seems StudioX 21.4 or lower. If you use CommunityEdition, as it’s probably 22.10.x, it’s necessary to use DataManager panel and variable instead of value mapping.


Thank you for your kind reply; you are right, i am using 22.10.3

how can I do that with the DataManager?


Probably it will be as the following.

First create variable : Company as text in DataManager
Then put Set Variable Value : Company = CurrentRow - External Name , just before Click.
Finally use it in selector of Click


thank you…i will try that

thank you so much

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