Add values to Output Data of queue items


I am trying to add values to queue items thorughout the process. I see from this post:

that you can add in the set transaction status activity. However, i am wondering if i can do this programmatically?
I have tried to add data from a dictionary like this, but its not adding the data to the queue item

progressDictionary As Dictionary(String,Object) = in_TransactionItem.Output

I have also tried the Add Method but something is wrong with the syntax. Can anyone help me on this?

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Hi Nick - Have you ever found the solution? I posted another similar question below. I can get the add method syntax to work but I don’t think the Output dictionary of the Queue Item (after-updated state) is recognized by Orchestrator API when you later use set transaction status activity. Thus, it won’t effectively add any data to the Output Data in the Orchestrator Queue Item.