How to Add New Column in Datatable ( Between Columns B & C )

Hi, I need to add new column in Datatable. The datatable consists of 3 columns need to add new column at start of the datatable, if in middle also ok. I did try AddDataColumn activity which is add the column at the end of datatable, but i need it from start or middle of the column. Please assist me.

You need to use invoke method activity for that.
Let me share full steps

Check this

Hi @srinivasanma1
Try this

I hope it helps!!


The DataColumn.SetOrdinal(Int32) method changes the ordinal or position of the DataColumn to the specified ordinal or position.

When you change a column’s ordinal, the column is moved to the new position in the collection of columns. Any columns between the previous and new ordinal will be renumbered, to adjust for a column’s new ordinal.

Its same solution which I updated before

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Thanks, its works.

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