How to add images to a tiff file

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Can anyone help me on adding the images to tiff file as a separate page?

We have a process where the input will be multiple images and we need add all those images to a single tif file.

Ex: If the input folder contains 5 images, then we need a create a tif file with all those images (O/P : 5 pages tif file with one image in each page)

Hello @kapadamuday.reddy ,

There is a way but you may not like it :wink: , but worth a shot.

Open a Blank Word file

Use the insert image or add image activity to add one image to the word document

You may have to add an enter or ctrl+enter action to add a new page to the word document and repeat the process of inserting the image to each page

Then from File menu > Export > Save as XPS/PDF document - It will open in a Browser in this case
Alternately, I think there is Save As PDF activity in the UiPath Word Automation package

Save the .pdf file as .TIFF file - You can do this by opening the PDF using Start Application and then using the File Save As to save it with a .TIFF extension

I see that my TIFF file is valid and visible in an online TIFF viewer

From the name of the file you can see that I started with a Word doc, converted to PDF before finally saving it with a .TIFF extension

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In case of you are talking about a multipage tiff have a look here as well for:

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@ppr Could you please let me know how to implement the above in UIPath

Please let us know in advance:

  • is the mentioned approach matching your case?
  • which formats (Tiff, png, jpg) are to expect as input?
  • output: 1 Tiff file with multiple nested tifs (multipage Tiffs)

Is our understanding correct?
Thanks for support

@ppr Yes, You are correct. Please help me with the solution

After translation into VB it looks like this:




it was merging 2 tiffs and 1 png into a multipage Tiff

Find starter help here:
TIFF_Merge2MultiPageTiff.xaml (12.3 KB)

Sample Images and result: (3.1 KB)

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Thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face:

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