Convert Pdf to tiff


I got requirement to convert multiple pages of pdf into a Tiff format with same pages as well. Can someone help?

Hello @Danang_Wahyudi

Do you want to convert all the pdf pages into a single image ?

Or all images page wise

For latter you can use Export Pdf To Image activity to convert the pdf in to image

Let me know about it !!

Good morning, @vickydas @Danang_Wahyudi

I have the same issue. I need to convert multiple pages of pdf into a oneTiff.

Using Export Pdf To Image its per page. That’s means if the PDF has n pages, it will be created n TIFFs.

I looking the way to convert a PDF (n pages) to one TIFF (with the n pages).

There exist a software that make this action (PDFCreator) but I want to try other way.



Have u find out any solution ? I have the same problem. Thank You

Hi @Shirish
I integrated Uipath with PDFCreator Free Version. And it worked.
But I didn’t find any uipath activity

Ok…What approach u followed for integreation ? i mean have u created/merged pdf and then converted them to tiff ? it will be great if u share some sample xaml…


Can u please share it

@Rafael_Zamora - Could you please share

Hi Shirish, Sorry. I will sent you the my sequence
But you need have the PDFCreate already installed. I tied to use only command line but didn’t work.
For that reason I make the steps like a “website”, click , type , etc. But it works

Hello @Rafael_Zamora,

Just i have installed the PDF creator so request u to share the sample workflow so that i can check…

My apologies, I cannot upload the sequence.
When I tried but the form display me this message
“Sorry, new users can not upload attachments”

But go this steps: Pre-steps
1- Open PDFCreator
2- Go to Printer
3- CHange the printer name PDFCreator as TIFF (Multipage grapghic file)

4- Execute this command using start process (try this commnad using “Run” to check, but on uipath is using start process.
C:\Program Files\PDFCreator\PDFCreator.exe /Profile=“Secured PDF” /PrintFile= “C:\Users\user\Desktop\test1.pdf” /OutputFile=“C:\Users\user\Desktop\test2.jpg” /PrinterName=“PDFCreator”

5- This command will open the PDFCreator using the PDF and the configuration. If you want modify the edit fields.

Then click Save.

After that The TIFF is created.

Hello @Rafael_Zamora,

I have tried the below command in start process. it is throwing error.

command :- C:\Program Files\PDFCreator\PDFCreator.exe /Profile=“Secured PDF” /PrintFile= “C:\Users\Desktop\test1.pdf” /OutputFile=“C:\Users\Desktop\test2.jpg” /PrinterName=“PDFCreator”

I have ensured that Pdf creator path s correct and test1.pdf path is correct. I believe it will create test2.jpg automatically.

Please find the attached xaml as well…

Please help…

Sequence.xaml (3.6 KB)

PDF Creator - Convert PDF to TIFF.xaml (89.6 KB)

Hi @Shirish, I can load the sequence. Review it and let me know if you have any issue.
Also your sequence is empty

About the coommnad the pdfcreator doesn’t create automatically the report, only setup the windows with the information.

one thing suppose if pdf having 9 pages and when we are converting them to tiff via ur workflow then will it create 9 tiff pages i.e. each 1 tiff for total 9 pages ?

if it create only 1 tiff for pdf irrespective of no of pages in pdf then same can we not achive the same using export pdf as image activity of uipath ?

Hello @Rafael_Zamora,

Which version of PDF creator ur using? I have tried it with 4.0.2 and it seems that it only converting 1 page to tiff even pdf having 10 pages. I came to knew that this is possible with only PDFCreator 2.0 version. Please provide the information.

Also Now i hvae saved my outlook email in eml format and i wanted to save this email to tiff format. any pointers will be helpful.

For advanced use cases with PDF and Image files I prefer poppler:

Sample usage:
pdftoppm -singlefile -f 4 -r 72 -jpeg -jpegopt quality=90 presentation.pdf test_poppler