How to add formated text typeinto?

Hello tell me how i can write any text ino well formatted by uipath type into ?
I use many special key inside string and it’s not understand

Help How we write formated text ?

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What are the special keys you are talking about.

Varun Kumar

Just tell me how I can use typeinto to type python or C code inside string there is some issue you see these image

For enter key you can use - Environment.NewLine or vbcr

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any other way of typing programmm if i have solved my assignment and i need to type but facing issue indentiation eror becuse formated text not typed by typeinto

You can type like this-

"import numpy as np"+Environment.NewLine+"import pandas as pd"

can you give me example





int main()


int fd[2];

char buf1[25]="just a test\n";

char buf2[50];



write(fd[0],buf1, strlen(buf1));

printf("Enter the textnow: ");


printf("Cat file1 is\nhai");

write(fd[0], buf1, strlen(buf1));

lseek(fd[0], SEEK_SET, 0);

read(fd[0], buf2, sizeof(buf1));

write(fd[1], buf2, sizeof(buf2));




return 0;


can u tell me how ui path type these any way

Copy this into Type Into -

"#include<stdio.h>"+Environment.NewLine+"#include<unistd.h>"+Environment.NewLine+"#include<string.h>"+Environment.NewLine+"#include<fcntl.h>"+Environment.NewLine+"int main()"+Environment.NewLine+"{"+Environment.NewLine+"int fd[[2]"+Environment.NewLine+"char buf1[[25]=""just a test\n"""+Environment.NewLine+"char buf2[[50]"+Environment.NewLine+"fd[[0]=open(""file1"",O_RDWR)"+Environment.NewLine+"fd[[1]=open(""file2"",O_RDWR)"+Environment.NewLine+"write(fd[[0],buf1, strlen(buf1))"+Environment.NewLine+"printf(""Enter the textnow: "")"+Environment.NewLine+"scanf(""%s"",buf1)"+Environment.NewLine+"printf(""Cat file1 Is\nhai"")"+Environment.NewLine+"write(fd[[0], buf1, strlen(buf1))"+Environment.NewLine+"lseek(fd[[0], SEEK_SET, 0)"+Environment.NewLine+"read(fd[[0], buf2,sizeof(buf1))"+Environment.NewLine+"write(fd[[1], buf2, sizeof(buf2))"+Environment.NewLine+"close(fd[[0])"+Environment.NewLine+"close(fd[[1])"+Environment.NewLine+"printf(""\n"")"+Environment.NewLine+"return 0"+Environment.NewLine+"}"
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Check out this xaml file. Just paste the code into a text file and keep it into the Uipath project folder and run the xaml.

code.txt (515 Bytes)
Write Code Using Type Into.xaml (7.3 KB)

You don’t need to manually add Environment.NewLine. Just check the xaml