Any body know how to type through UI path?

If we have some code and need to type save our time then how we use type into or any other activity to make typer with formater ?





int main()


int fd[2];

char buf1[25]="just a test\n";

char buf2[50];



write(fd[0],buf1, strlen(buf1));

printf("Enter the textnow: ");


printf("Cat file1 is\nhai");

write(fd[0], buf1, strlen(buf1));

lseek(fd[0], SEEK_SET, 0);

read(fd[0], buf2, sizeof(buf1));

write(fd[1], buf2, sizeof(buf2));




return 0;


Hi @Deepak_Gautam !
I don’t think that Type Into activity takes into account code.
Type Into activity takes as input a string, where some special keys can be found in the format like [k(<the_special_key>)]. If you want to use several special keys, you should use several times send hotkey activity.

Hey there,

You can either keep create a Skelton of you program and read the Skelton using read text and use string.formatter to place your dynamic code or if it is simply about new lines in the end you can try system.environment.Newline in the end where you need a \n … Let me know in case of further queries.



can u help me in another problem

can we make these into ui path

Why are you trying to do this with code instead of using Activities?

hey paul

Can u help me can we do

'Google Search using VBA
Sub SearchGoogle()
Dim objIE As Object
Dim lngMaxRows As Long
Dim lngCtr As Long
Dim strSearchValue As String
Dim objResults As Object

'Get the Maximum number of rows in Col A, that has data
lngMaxRows = Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row
'Loop through till the maximum row and search for the value in each row
For lngCtr = 2 To lngMaxRows
    Set objIE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
    'Get the search value from the current row in Column A
    strSearchValue = Cells(lngCtr, 1).Value
    Application.StatusBar = "Searching for keyword: '" &amp; _
                                        strSearchValue &amp; "'"
    With objIE
        'Keep the Internet Explorer Closed.
        'Set .Visible = True, if you want IE to remain opened.
        .Visible = False
        'Navigate to the search value
        .navigate "" &amp; strSearchValue
        'Wait some to time for loading the page
        While .Busy
        'Wait for another 2 seconds, just in case the page hasn't yet loaded
        Application.Wait (Now + TimeValue("0:00:02"))
        'Get the search results
        Set objResults = .document.getElementById("resultStats")
        'Fill up the corresponding Search Result column
        Cells(lngCtr, 2).Value = objResults.innerText
        'Close the Internet Explorer
    End With
    'Destroy the object
    Set objIE = Nothing
Next lngCtr
Application.StatusBar = False
'Display message, when complete
MsgBox "Google Search Complete!!!"

End Sub\

Why are you trying to do all this with code instead of Activities?

no first see

I am making a tool that can go read excel colum A and search in google copy paste 1st result url

are u there

You can do all that with Activities.