How to add filters for 2 colomns in excel


I have excel with different coloumns data …i want to filter the data based on two coloumns .How to do that?FYI…attched is the input file


the filters have to apply on Expenditure type and task type


Hi @cheersrpa ,

  • Retrieve the data from excel using read range activity. The result will be a data table, dt1.
  • Apply select filter on required columns-
    dt1.Select(“[Expenditure Type]=‘bbc’ and [TaskType]=‘CD’”)
  • The result of above query will be array of DataRows, arDataRows
  • check if Length of array > 0 => results exists, (not arDataRows is nothing and arDataRows.Length > 0)
  • if true, Convert array of datarow to DataTable, dt2 = arDataRows.CopyToDataTable()
    Result of this will be a datatable.

Hope this is helpful.

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even before i tried the same logic…the result is data reader i want the output as data table so that i can write it in another excel sheet

Updated the steps in above post. Please check. Now the end result will be a datatable.

if you can send .XAML file,That will be great to understand madhavi…

Thanks again


i haven’t created workflow. You send me your workflow with your understanding. i will review and correct it if required.

I am getting below error

Assign: Syntax error: Missing operand after ‘Std’’ operator.",
here is my code

You might have directly copied the code and then changed the values. Manually remove ’ from the query and add it again.

Be careful about the quotations:

dt1.Select("[Expenditure Type]=‘bbc’ and [TaskType]=‘CD’")


dt1.Select("[Expenditure Type]='bbc' and [TaskType]='CD'")

The second one should work.