How to add dynamically todays date in Typeinto

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I would like to search data based on today’s date. If “JAN-03-2023” date is matching in web page i want to filter. How can i create dynamic todays date in Typeinto with “JAN-03-2023” format. Any suggessions please.

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You can use this


Toupper is used to get JAN normally you get as Jan

And also this is 2024 and not 2023…If you need last year use Now.AddYears(-1).ToString("MMM-dd-yyyy")

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Hi @Niranjan_k

You can use the below expression to get the today’s data in the required format. Save this in a String Variable and you can use that variable in the Type into activity.

- TodayDate = Now.ToString("MMM-dd-yyyy").ToUpper.Trim

Check the below image for better understanding,

If you want to get the date of last year with today’s date, use the below expression

- TodayDate = Now.AddYears(-1).ToString("MMM-dd-yyyy").ToUpper

Check the below image,

Hope it helps!!

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Hey @Niranjan_k

A post you might find helpful :blush:

See here for the full list of Date Time formats and examples:




Hi @Niranjan_k

Try this for Dynamic Todays Date


Return: JAN-03-2024

IF you need Todays Date with the Last Year


Return: JAN-03-2023

Hope it will helps you :slight_smile:

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you can use below expression,


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Thanks a ton all the replyies are working thank you

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