How to add date in google forms throgh excel sheet?

when i add date information in google form from excel file it add only year and shows invalid date .pls help me what to do?


Try this:

Date.ParseExact(setdate, “dd/MM/yyyy”, Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture).ToString(“MM/dd/yyyy”)

we have to declare set variable?


Setvariable is the input variable .

Hi @guptasweb

Can you share more information and screen shot of the error.


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leave that issue.pls help me in another issue.i want to record the status of the data uploaded in forms that are successful or not. how to do that?

Hi @guptasweb

Can you explain little bit more about your query with the screenshot?

How do you define the uploaded data are successful or not?

If you need to get the successful record in the column try this expression

DtMaster.AsEnumerable.Select (Function(x) x("ColumnNameOrIndex").ToString.Trim.Equals("successful ")).toarray()


listen i have to add the data on 10 google forms from input file ,if all the data are successfully submit then in output file i have to write the status whether file is successfully submit or if not then fail

HI @guptasweb

Look into the workflow

You need to find tune the selector

GoogleformAddingStatus.xaml (19.1 KB)


what is tune selector??

Just indicate the screen with your Google forms @guptasweb

still got an error

Share the error screenshot @guptasweb


Share the error message @guptasweb

faulty msg

Share the Input and Google forms here, I will share you the XAML file @guptasweb