The correct form to paste Date with "Type Into"

Hello everyone!

I need your help guys…

I need to paste a date with the tool “Type Into”, but when I try paste the date appears in format MM / dd / yyyy.

How I Can paste the date on format dd / MM / yyyy?

In Excel the date is all right.


Please help me!!!

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Hi @arthurfsantos11,

Refer this post


Hello arivu96!

I would to thank you for the answer!

But, when I paste this code? You can send one printscreen for me please?

Hi @arthurfsantos11,

use assign activity before using Type Into activity



Hi @arivu96!

I tried with this code, however the system has presented error.

My sequence is:

  • Open the window where the code will be paste;

  • click on the box that the code will be paste;

  • Assign dt_faturamento = dt_faturamento=DateTime.ParseExact(dt_faturamento.ToString(),“MM/dd/yyyy”,Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture).ToString(“dd/MM/yyyy”)

  • Type into ‘TEditPlus’ - dt_faturamento

How I can resolve this problem?

Thank you for the patience!

your input date format is “MM/dd/yyyy” ???
your expected date format is “dd/MM/yyyy”???
make sure you input should not empty.

if its not correct please correct it

please put Log message before converting the data


My date on Excel is “dd/MM/yyyy” and the “Read Row” are reading this rows.

But when i will paste with “Type into”, on my system, appears on format “MM/dd/yyyy”,


before assigning put log message to print the value and check the format.

send screenshot


here the screenshot.

the format is dd/MM/yyyy

and here my excel sheet


Hi @arthurfsantos11,

before converting date format use log message to print the value and check the date format what you are getting based on that apply in the code

Inputpattern :“dd/MM/yyyy”
outputpattern :“MM/dd/yyyy”


Hello There,

Please have a look at screenshot below,


let us know. whether above runs or not.


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hello @Pankaj.Patil, thanks for the support!

In the first assing “todayDate” is a var to use the date of current day, right?

However, I’m coping the date from an Excel Sheet. I’ll realy use the “todayDate”? Or my “todayDate” will be my var “dt_faturamento” ? That is the date I’m coping.


If you can send me the screenshots that I can made i really can get sucess on my project.

Where I find this informations?

“Inputpattern” and “outpattern”?

This is my project:

I need copy 1320 dates from an Excel sheet and paste on my system.

But when I’ll paste the date on my system, the date are is in format " MM/dd/yyyy ", however on my Excel sheet the format is dd/MM/yyyy e this is what I need.

Please help me.

hello @arivu96.

How I’m new member, I can’t upload itens and sent more than 20 replies on day.

I creat another account for talk with you.

@arthurfsantos11 @arthurfs11

  1. Add a write line activity after you read the value from Excel and look in the Output panel to see exactly what you are reading. Excel makes a big difference between what is displayed and what is really memorized in the sheet.
  2. Use Datetime.Parse instead of Date

Hi @CorneliuN!

How I can use Datatime.Parse?

HI @arthurfs11,

Use assign activity



Hi @arivu96,

This code presented error on my flowchart