How to add data's in different Cells

im extracting data from PDF by row wise, and splitting the row by individual Strings
and adding it to “List Of Strings” for example
i) 1st row has “Invoice”, i’ve to add this to first row first column which is First Cell(A1).
ii) 2nd row has three individual strings like “Demo-invoiced slices” has to go in A2, “Order Number” to B2 and “654646” to C2…
iii) and so on…

thank youu


  1. First create one DataTable with required columns using Build DataTable activity.

  2. And then use Add DataRow Activity to add one by one row to DataTable. And pass value to Array Row field like below.

      {Column1,Column2,....Column N}
  3. Finally use Write Range Activity to write into Excel file and pass that DataTable to it.

is there any approach

how to use lis of list of strings to write in cell


Try above mentioned method and it will be simple.

List of List string is time consuming process because for this we have to use Nested loops.

hi @Pradeep_Shiv
use build datatable as suggested by @lakshman
and use generate data table actvity and try to split he values and pass it in add data row and check the values in output datatable activity

Ashwin S

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no because , ive got entire list of strings and using add to collection activity to add it to list of list then i’ve to get string by string and write in excel