How to add data to specific column in Data Table based off a value in another column

I have a data table with (3) columns

Provider ID Description DocumentHandle
1234567890 Recred
987654897 Recred

  1. we process the transaction for Provider ID 1234567890

  2. we get the Document Handle (from a separate system) for that transaction and assign it to a variable

  3. I want to read this data table, find the Provider ID 1234567890 go over and add the Document Handle in the Document Handle column.

Hello @macaskillh

You can use excel for each row activity to loop through each row in the excel. Get the value to a string variable using assign by CurrentRow(0).ToString

Then write the value to excel using write cell activity. Cell range you can update dynamically by getting he index of currentRow.


Hi @macaskillh welcome to UiPath Forum.
please check
UpdateColumnDataBaseOfOtherColumn.xaml (7.9 KB)

In Case of Studio Version Issue.

Here In Yellow Heighlight you can put variable to make it dynamic