How to add data table/collection in queue



Does any one know how we can add data table or dictionary in bot queue using add queue item activity. I tried to find you tube video and knowledge base also but no help. Also tired my luck on existing topics in this forum but did not find any.

Whenever i tried to add data table to queue it gives error “could not determine JSON object type for type System.Data.DataTable”.

Also is there any way i can add whole excel tab as one single collection in queue.



Does anybody had similar situation where collection or data table needs to be part or queue item.

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Usually each row is a separate transaction, so this is quite unusual. But if you have a valid reason there are options:

  1. Store file location instead.
  2. Serialize yourself. Import namespace Newtonsoft.Json, then use JsonConvert.SerializeObject(yourObject) to make it a string and store that. When getting object from queue use JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(Of DataTable)(queueItem.SpecificData(howyounamedit))


Please check your ID has write permissions on the database.
also make sure your query has all accurate columns/row names before updating the data into data table.