How to add data in columns in datatable

Hi Team,

I need to add data in columns in a Datatable.
Datatable has columns in which column A and B is filled with data and I need to fill the data in empty column C , D , E.

I am using for each row activity and adding data in column C,D,E using add data row activity. But it is not working as I am getting the error


In Datatable you have column names as A & B ? can you be clear with that?

Are you refering to Datatable or Excel column name?


it looks like you want to fill data to the cols C;D;E of a row which is present with filled A,B

Give a try on:

For each row Acitvity: row -YourDataTableVar

  • Assign Acitvity: row(C) = “Your CValue”
  • Assign Acitvity: row(D) = “Your DValue”
  • Assign Acitvity: row(E) = “Your EValue”

In the “ForEachRow” Activity use a assign activity and assign as below
CurrentRow(“C”) = DesiredValue
CurrentRow(“E”) = DesiredValue

How to fill the data in a loop , do I use a add data row activity?

Because I am using the same in a loop but getting the error :- {
“message”: "For Each Row: Collection was modified; enumeration operation might not

Please find the sc


For filling the data to other columns you can check below for your reference

Hope this may help you


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